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Punk Supergroup Slink Is Making Christmas Even Gayer Than It Already Was

In honor of the gayest holiday of the year, gay indie supergroup Slink released a smelly perfume and new music video with Los Angeles cult hero Angelyne.
December 22, 2014, 1:00pm

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Christmastime gets a bum reputation for its religious agenda and conservative traditions, so people easily forget Christmas is a campy holiday about tacky decorations, Mariah Carey, and mass consumerism. But this year, gay supergroup Slink has taken holiday cheer to the next level with their debut track "Pink Christmas," an addictive pop banger that's the first Christmas song that won't drive you insane from playing it on repeat.

Comprised of Seth Bogart of Hunx and His Punx, SSION frontman Cody Critcheloe, and Samantha Urbani of Friends, Slink celebrates a holiday message about freeing the world from the separation of "red and white" and unleashing a new, pink Christmas reality. In the video for the song, the group parties at "Club XXX-Mas" with the likes of Peaches, DJ Santa, and LA legend Angelyne. Give the single one listen and you'll be lisping the words for the rest of the season: "I keep dreamin' of a pink Christmas / Santa, let your love snow down on me!"


Given Critcheloe and Bogart's penchant for sick band merchandise and low-brow high fashion (see Bogart's collaboration with Saint Laurent ), Slink has obviously become more than a band—it's also a brand. To accompany their video, the group has released a hot new scent that's also named "Pink Christmas," a Britney Spears Fantasy-esque blend of aromas that perfectly captures the spirit of being flaming and festive.

In celebration of the fragrance release and the overall gayness of Christmas, the group hosted a product launch at the downtown buzz boutique VFiles, where their scent was for sale along with a line of signature Slink holiday beanies and T-shirts. Inspired by Slink's passion for Christmastime's camp and commercialism, I stopped by the shop to ask Critcheloe and Bogart some hard-hitting holiday questions.

VICE: Is Christmas music your true calling?
Cody Critcheloe: Seth and I have just been talking about making a Christmas song for a couple years, but never had the time, so we recorded "Pink Christmas" over the summer in LA.

A pink Christmas? For Me? Thanks, Santa.

What pushed you two to collaborate together and create a gay supergroup?
Seth Bogart: It's crazy because I've known Cody since, like, when we were penpals, because we both did gay punk zines, and that's how we knew each other. But this is the first time we've ever worked together, and it's been great.

Cody: And Seth and I loved hanging out with Samantha, so we asked her to sing on the track. After recording [the song], it became really obvious that she was our missing Slink link, so she became a permanent member.

Tell me more about Angelyne, who introduces you in the video as her favorite band.
Cody: She's like this legendary LA cult figure—she drives a pink corvette, and she's famous for putting billboards of herself all around town.

Seth: She's amazing. She had us take her to McDonalds to sign her contract, and she made us eat strawberries and A1 sauce and also Big Mac buns dipped in ketchup.


Do you consider "Pink Christmas" part of the promotion for the perfume or the beginning of a new album?
Cody: "Pink Christmas" is its own project. We have a music video directed by Jennifer Stradtford, and then I also made a commercial for the fragrance in collaboration with Black Frame. But working as a group has been so much fun, we've been inspired to record an EP together.

The Pink Christmas merch on display à la Nicki Minaj Pink Friday for Kmart

I love the perfume. What does a pink Christmas smell like?
Seth: It's a scent that's perfect for both grandmas and bisexuals.

Cody: Basically, we had two scents that we really liked: One is White Moss, which is available at Whole Foods, and the other one was Frederick Malle's Outrageous. The result is really intense, a little bit sweet. When you first spray it out of the bottle, it smells like glue, but once it settles, it's like heaven.

Yeah, it smells musky but also herbal—kind of like a drunk Christmas tree. So boys, will Santa be good to you this year: Have you been naughty or nice?
Seth: Too nice, it's boring.

Cody: I'm always nice.

What do you want for Christmas?
Cody: This year I asked Santa for headphones, world peace, and to buy "Pink Christmas" on iTunes!

Download "Pink Christmas" and purchase items from the Pink Christmas Collection online, at VFiles in New York, or at Wacky Wacko in Hollywood.

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