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Internet Neo-Nazis Are Trying to Build a White Supremacist Utopia in Namibia

They're sick of living with non-white people in the West, so they're trying to colonize Africa. Makes sense.

If you're white, racist and fed up with the grinding oppression of living in the West, where you're forced to rub shoulders with a small proportion of people who are not the same race as you, there's a new solution: move to Africa.

That's according to plans made by the users of one thread on 8chan—a cesspit for people who are too uninhibited in their internet vulgarity even for 4chan.

Here's how forum user "Kommandant" began his call for his white supremacist mates to join forces with him and create a new neo-Nazi utopia in Namibia [all sic]:


I just want to start by saying that no feat is too great, no task too arduous when done for the love of ones clan and ones blood. I have a hope for this future to prevail. And I know you can all see it too. It's an ember, but with just the right amount of breath it can become a raging fire. And all of Africa will see its beautiful glow in the night sky. Call it south West Africa, call it Rhodesia, Call it whatever you want.

Over the last couple of months, a motley crew of white supremacists, Latvian lawyers, and fertile women have heeded the call, in a last-ditch effort to save white culture. They have launched a project to found a new nation on the principles of "European Heritage," "Western Values," and National Socialism in the largely black country in southern Africa.

8chan's aspiring colonists believe that Africa is a lawless space where enterprising white people can carve out a slice of Empire for themselves. They are driven by what Kommandant calls a "love for a dying culture and a people under systematic attack" (i.e. white people). The forum users have decided that the best way to avoid this systematic attack is to found their citadel in a nation whose people were fighting an insurrection against white supremacists as recently as 25 years ago. Some on the forum seem to be in it for the racist lulz, but others seem to be taking it seriously.

The project is mostly overblown rhetoric but there have been some attempts to get organized. Over 150 people have volunteered to join as colonists, crude plans have been made for the foundation of the nation, and a popular vote has chosen the name "New Rhodesia"—after what Zimbabwe used to be called when it was trying to keep apartheid rule going.


A map posted by a forum user to help decide who is allowed in the colony

One of the more surprising problems with getting the whites-only colony off the ground is that non-white people want to join. As one completely exasperated user posted:

Can we stop it with the 'can I come here guys? I'm not white BUT'
No, you can't. It's intended for white people… It's not that we hate you (though I can imagine some very well do) it's that we don't want to live anywhere near you.

Don't want to live anywhere near non-white people? Better go to Africa then, mate.

The project lurched forward recently thanks to a burst of critical thinking from one user, who pointed out that the Namibian government might take issue with a 150 dollar store Colonel Kurtzs landing in their country and starting a nation founded on the principles of white supremacy. It took user "Curonian," a Latvian lawyer, to come up with the group's masterstroke—the creation of an NGO called the "Latvian-African Civil Welfare Project" which would be founded under the guise of, in one user's words, "helping the poor starving Africans."

The charity would provide them with the bona fides to establish their colony, until it was strong enough to get rid of any non-white people using means that neo-Nazis are more accustomed to. As one user put it: "Don't worry, we will act all tolerant while we are still under Namibian rule, but when we get independence all the non-whites will get the boot or the bullet."


The colonists have identified a few areas of Namibian land ripe to be settled, while "Operation: First Contact" has sent out feelers to attract local white Africans. Meanwhile, volunteers have been quick to explain the skills that they can offer to the New Rhodesian enclave.

One user states that he is "a white male who has lived around blacks the majority of my life, and speaks passable German." Others claim experience in logistics or military operations, while one aspiring Goebbels believes that his degree in Media Studies will help him "promote the cause of National Socialism."

Another user, describing himself as Polish with a BA in War Studies, claims to have "connections to the British Far Right" and more mainstream right wing organizations including the Conservative Monday Club, Western Goals Institute. He claims to be a, "real life acquaintance of a few UKIP MEPs, a few Tory MPs and personal acquaintance of [former UKIP MEP] Godfrey Bloom and Paul Weston"—a far-right politician with links to the EDL. There is absolutely no suggestion that those people or organizations are involved with, or sympathetic to, the aims of the colony.

Right now, however, there's one asset which trumps even supposed connections to British politicians—possessing a womb. The project has a bit of a gender imbalance. As one would-be colonist points out, "To prevent inbreeding, considering there's 200 of us max and we need 5,000+ to create a safe naturally selective gene pool, we need people who can reproduce plentifully." He hastens to add: "no gays."


One user, posting as "Concerned Citizen" calls herself a "white British 22-year-old female free of both disease or deformity." She seems to have missed her calling writing erotic fiction and describes herself as being, "in an impersonal sense, the ideal breeding stock." She put a pressing question for the project's high command:

Now I'm curious that if you guys ever wanted this little plan of yours to actually produce something, how exactly would you go about convincing women like me to leave with you? I genuinely want to know because a colony isn't going to last long without a potential next generation, and for that you require females, and for lack of females how would you prevent a colony from breaking down, violating laws put in place and raping every available female regardless of whether they're spoken for or not?

Weirdly, nobody seems to have come up with an answer as to why leaving home to hang out with some guys who go on and on about racial purity isn't a more appealing prospect. The question has been asked a lot, resulting in some navel-gazing about countries that have high proportions of women.

If they do ever manage to have any kids out there, one user has some insight into how to raise them properly:

Users have tended to prefer to play real-life Age of Empires, debating flag colors and military organization while more boring, practical matters get comparatively short shrift. That said, they have worked out that goading elephants is a bad plan:


Another discussion is what they should do for fun, given that "degeneracy," such as anime and homosexuality is off limits:

Maybe they can listen to this guy's poetry instead:

The main discussion of the project has moved from the public boards of 8chan to password-protected chat rooms, leaving some users concerned about the project's future. Whether this is a tactical decision to avoid exposure or a response to hostile criticism and mockery is hard to say.

A complex planning document

Unfortunately for the colonists, Namibians have cottoned on, with an article in the Namibian Sun newspaper, with the headline, "Racists hatch a Boer nation plan for Namibia." So I guess if they ever make it there, they won't be particularly welcome anyway.