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If you feel shut out of tonight's screening of

Over the Edge

and panel discussion with cast and crew (including, we just found out, Claude Zachary!), whether by dint of no ticket or out-of-townage, here's what you should listen to as you clench your fists in rage and hurl rocks from the highway overpass. This band


from Oregon has made a rock operetta!! (unclear whether or not the exclamation points are part of the genre) based on


Over the Edge


Welcome to New Granada

. And it rules. Instead of trying to translate the movie scene by scene into songs, they just seize on a bunch of the film's crucial moments ("Claude's Trip," "Girls with Guns," "The March (Trash the Place)") and characters ("Ballad of Richie White," "Doberman's Theme," "Recreation Blues" (about the older girl who runs the rec center), and let them all wind round each other into a reverent, emotionally-cogent tapestry of music that sounds somewhere in the middle of Tommy-era Who and early Jiggapus. They even penned an ode to everybody's second-favorite Zachary brother, Johnny the Mute, and it is a powerhouse. Peep these leers.

Johnny the Muter's last name is Zachary He and brother Claude hang out at the playground Johnny the Mute, Carl and Cory Them and Richie White are getting high at the playground No need to talk, I like to rock, one click for yes, two clicks for no I'm Johnny the Mute, I might be stoned I'm Johnny the Mute, now leave me alone New Granada, what a pain Makes me want to run away Run away, run away, should have left here yesterday I live by the words of Richie White I'm not one to get in a fight But I remember one thing Richie said If you rat on a kid you're gonna wind up dead Johnny, is Richie dead?

[audio:] Go to their website to buy a copy, and may it soothe and inspire you while the rest of us are inside with Carl and Claude enjoying one of the best teen movies ever made. Just please don't get inspired enough to lock us all in the theater and rampage through Lincoln Square. Although honestly, that would be pretty cute.