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This Video of a Bus Driver Tackling a Spitting Passenger Is a Valuable Lesson in Public Transit Etiquette

Don't mess with bus drivers.

An innocent sandal-clad bystander watches as an important lesson unfolds before his eyes, briefly considering if this is his moment to become a hero. Screenshot via YouTube

This post originally appeared on VICE Canada.

Unless you live in some Scandinavian infrastructural utopia, dealing with public transit can be maddeningly frustrating even at the best of times. It's enough to make one consider many unmentionable actions, or, at the very least, venting your anger at the nearest bus driver. But on Wednesday at approximately 4:30 PM, one Winnipeg man found out why this is a very bad idea—and like all great amateur public fight videos, it was captured in all its glory vertically in a cellphone video.

After a confrontation of unknown origins at the front of the bus, which included some swearing, a man actually spits on the driver. The driver, reacting in a cat-like manner as if he'd been waiting all his life for someone to test him, responds to the aforementioned spitting, also known as the most sus, dirty, unparalleled move to pull on another human, by promptly chasing him out of the vehicle and tackling him.