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Patrick Brazeau Wants Back in the Senate After Pleading Guilty to Assault and Coke Possession

He says his "nightmare" is over.

Photo via Facebook/Patrick Brazeau

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He's admitted to a "simple assault" on his ex-girlfriend and possessing cocaine so, naturally, disgraced politician Patrick Brazeau has his eye on returning to the Canadian Senate.

On Tuesday, the former Conservative senator pleaded guilty in a Gatineau, Quebec courthouse to simple assault and cocaine possession. Four more charges including sexual assault against his ex-girlfriend, two assaults and uttering a death threat were dropped.


Both Brazeau's defence attorney, Gerard Larocque, and the crown prosecutor called for an absolute discharge, which would leave Brazeau without a criminal record (for now). Larocque reportedly told the judge that his client's chances of returning to the Senate are "excellent" with said discharge. He won't be sentenced until late October.

Speaking to the media, Brazeau, 40, said the "nightmare's over." He was booted from the Tory caucus when the assault charges surfaced in early 2013 and was later suspended from the Senate (along with fellow Conservatives Mike Duffy and Pamela Wallin) over disputed expenses.

Brazeau, described the sexual assault charge as "the worst or one of the worst that anybody can have. And I've been living that for two-and-a-half years, and it's over."

Only, it's not quite over. Brazeau still has two trials in his future, for impaired driving and fraud relating to his Senate expenses.

His immediate plan, he said, was to take a vacation.

But even if Brazeau's Senate comeback eludes him, his work experience leaves him with some solid options, namely, boxing, refereeing pro wrestling, and managing a strip club.

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