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Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart Reunite to Help Us Cope with the RNC

'The Late Show' kicks off its two weeks of convention coverage with a little help from the host's 'Daily Show' mentor and his conservative pundit alter-ego.
Video via 'The Late Show' Youtube channel. Thumbnail screenshot via video.

We knew Stephen Colbert had something big planned for The Late Show's two weeks of live broadcasts during the Republican and Democratic National Conventions this month, after video surfaced of the host addressing Cleveland's empty Quicken Loans Arena dressed in Hunger Games garb last Sunday.

On Monday's first show, he delivered, dropping a series of sketches bringing back his old Colbert Report alter-ego as well as former Daily Show mentor, Jon Stewart, for a glorious reunion.

It's no secret that Colbert's Late Show has been trying to find its footing among the minefield of late night personalities, and the atmosphere surrounding Trump's viral rise seemed eerily quiet without Colbert and Stewart's biting political commentary. It's nice to know that Jon Stewart isn't too busy hosting pro wrestling and rescuing animals to buddy up with Colbert again.

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