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This 15-Year-Old Kid Hacked Everyone from SeaWorld to the Police

The 16-year-old has admitted to taking down websites across the globe.

SeaWorld via Wiki

Teens have so much we don't—time, optimism, and innate digital intelligence, able to destroy shit before we've been able to work out how to make it.

Case in point: a 16-year-old school boy from Devon, England has admitted to launching cyber attacks on websites around the world, all while he was just 15 years old, the Guardian reports. In his hacking spree he managed to crack SeaWorld Orlando and the Cornwall Police, among other sites in Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America,in what he claims was an attempt to fight for animal rights.

Currently on trial at youth court, the boy—who cannot be named—admitted to three charges of performing an act to hinder access to a program, meaning he bombarded his targeted websites with traffic in order to temporarily shut them down. He had also been suspected of tweeting bomb threats at American Airlines and Delta Air Lines, but denied those additional charges.

The district judge told the court the defendant was a "very intelligent young man"—yeah, no shit—who could follow the case "far better than a lot of people in [the] courtroom."