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The Series Series Series

This is for fans of just what on earth is going on here.
March 20, 2012, 4:00am

If you like your nights out drinking on rooftops in Los Angeles predictable—heat lamps, inexplicable application of sunglasses to faces, men in suits hitting on ladies who want nothing to do with them, boring conversation, nothing to look at, going home alone, the end—then The Series is your version of hell. For the rest of us who are fans of just what on earth is going on here, The Series is an ongoing, um, series of performances that combines hanging out somewhere while all kinds of performance, music, video, dance, and other forms of the art that someone, somewhere, has choreographed although participants and audience alike have no idea how happens all around. It’s just spontaneous, surrealist bursts of life based on one central theme all over the place, for like an hour and a half, from people you’d likely want to know what’re up to anyway. This time the theme is “series,” so it’s extra repetitive/cyclical (read: potentially mind-fucky), and here’s who’s involved: Anna Oxygen, Ashley Hendra, Austin Irving, Claudia Slanar, Cristine Diana Tatomer, Drew Denny, Emma Ruth Rundle, Evan Koga, Jane Pants Dans, Jung Hollywood, Kate Bergstrom, Kate Johnson, Mandy Kahn, MC THIS, Nicole Disson, Opera Del Espacio, Purgatory Collective, RIM OF THE WORLD, Sadie Siegel, SuzE Q… directed this time by D’Arcy F-M. See you there.

The Series XII: Series
Rooftop at the Standard, Downtown LA, 550 S. Flower St.
Doors 8 PM, 21+, Free
RSVP here.