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February 22, 2011, 4:18pm

We kept the secret for 10 long years, but some nosey dinks finally pulled off our human-masks revealing the scaly, reptilian faces underneath.

In 2009, we celebrated our 15th birthday by publishing a "lost" magazine from 1994. Recently, an article from that 1994 Issue entitled What Is Al-Qaeda? has been making rounds among the 9/11 Truth Movement. To cut a long, strange story short, some folks believe we knew about 9/11 seven years before it happened.


They also think Beavis and Butthead might've had something to do with it.

"Hi there folks once again strange pictures have emerged closely depicting 9/11 even before it happened this time the article comes from Vice Magazine and article that was printed in 1994 apparently which is a cartoon depiction of beavis and buuthead circling the twin towers in airplanes dressed as arabs with white turbines [turbines!] wrapped around there heads…"

"beavis is holding a bomb in his hand with a light fuse but the strangest thing of all is this is played out and talked about in writing done in an interview style with someone asking a question then vice answering it…"

The interview and the article Paul S from Australia refers to can be read in full here, and features the following snippets:

The one thing that seems certain is that they won't have the stones to attack the WTC again. That might be the one safe place in New York City at this point.

Can you imagine the carnage? Can you even begin to start to go down the trail of comprehending what it would be like if the Twin Towers were to collapse?

You: What is al-Qaeda's favorite way to kill people?
Vice: Bombs, of course! Bombs in cars, mostly, but rumor has it that they are also interested in aviation. Who can really say?

Paul notices this, and reasons that it would be "impossible" for us to imagine exactly what happened. Someone, he says, "most probably opened their big mouth for some reason who told the person who wrote this article what the government was going to do."

I wish I spent social time with illuminate important enough to have been in on the conspiracy to bomb the World Trade Center and blame it on Osama Bin Laden, but sadly Bilderberg refuses to acknowledge Vice's rightful position atop the New World Order. We can get a third off drinks at the Old Blue Last though, so it's not like we're totally powerless.