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Man's Horse Ride to Taco Bell Ends in Disaster

The equestrian's unbridled love of Taco Bell was his undoing.
Photo via Facebook user City of Riverside Fire Department

One year after this landmark display of fast food failure, we reflect on what took place on that fateful day in April 2017.

Just how far would you go in order to get your hands on a Crunchwrap Supreme?

We ask this because for one California man, his quest to pick up some Taco Bell ended with a horse being lifted out of a gaping hole by an entire crew of firefighters.

This week, a horse returning from a Taco Bell run in Riverside, California fell into a five-foot-deep hole, which caved in when the cover of a utility vault collapsed under the weight of the horse.


Here's a bit of advice: If you have a strong desire for tacos, do not ride your horse to the nearest Taco Bell. Just don't do it.

Luckily, the horse was not seriously injured, and fire officials, assisted by Riverside's Heavy Animal Rescue Team, were able to use ropes to lift the horse from the hole, even though a crane had been called in to haul the animal out. A veterinarian who treated the horse said it suffered minor cuts on its legs.

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Here's the weird thing, though (as if this story weren't weird enough): This isn't the first time a man riding a horse to a Taco Bell got into trouble and received nationwide attention. Last summer, a Texan cowboy named Lathan Crump decided it was a good idea to ride his horse straight from a rodeo and literally into the dining area of a nearby Taco Bell. Earlier that same year, there was also Rick Braun, who moseyed up to a Taco Bell drive-thru on his equine friend. Crump managed to ride away from the fast-food joint without a citation, but Braun was fined by Texas police.

What the hell is going on with Taco Bell and horses?

Leave the animals at home, people, and pick up your gorditas in a car, for heaven's sake. But don't forget to bring a DoubleDilla home for Mr. Ed. He'll be waiting for it back in the barn.