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IMYRMIND Goes ON DECK with a Mix That Would Make Gilles Peterson Blush

Following the release of his stunning 'Tong Po' EP on the lauded Copenhagen label Tartelet Records.

Finding himself cliqued up with the wonderful crew of artists like Max Graef, who released one of the best albums of last year with Rivers of the Red Planet, and Glenn Astro, who blew our minds with the drop of his THUMP-premiered debut album, Throwback LR, Germany's IMYRMIND (I'm-your-mind) is meshing perfectly into the squad and their signature brand of hazy, jazzy, hissy, hip-hop laced, sample-heavy house music.


Working together on the newly minted MONEY $EX RECORDS, which is run by Graef and Astro, the artist has already released some stellar tunes for the new imprint. Last week however, IMYRMIND hit the shelves with a debut EP Tong Po on the lauded Copenhagen label Tartelet Records, which is closely affiliated with all the aforementioned artists. Spread across four vibrant and diversely programmed tracks, the record takes you on a smooth journey through warm house, jazz-inflicted worldly rhythms, and a load of enticing samples. It's almost like having one foot in a smokey 1920s jazz club, with your other boot firmly planted on the dancefloor of your dreams.

On his debut mix for THUMP, the artist sticks to his genre-bending ethos, but also shines a light back in time with an eclectic journey through older jazz tunes, latin-house, soul, and eventually a couple tracks from last week's release. To use the most obvious comparison on hand—we're pretty sure it would make even Gilles Peterson blush.