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Canada's Best Electro-Pop and Nicki Minaj Share a Room on Humans' "Stay Over" Mix

Almost an hour of unreleased reworks and new music from the Juno Award-nominated Vancouver duo.
March 7, 2016, 11:21pm
Lauren D. Zbarsky

Image courtesy of Humans

After releasing their three-song Water Water EP last week, Juno Award-nominated Vancouver electro-pop outfit Humans (Robbie Slade and Peter Ricq) have shared their exclusive "Stay Over" mix, which collects their remix work from the past few years.

"There are a bunch of songs that we've done that we can't release, because the source material is as of yet not released, which kind of sucks. The good news, however, is that these tunes are getting their day in the sun," the duo tells THUMP. "Most of the songs really represent internet friendships. People we just stumbled upon and randomly hit up to ask if we could work on their tunes with them."


While there's plenty of online-only collaborations, including Australian singer-songwriter Chela's "Guts" ("We found her on SoundCloud, she sent over her stems and voila!") and a stellar bootleg of Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda," the mix also features reworks of tracks by Canadian acquaintances and tour mates like DIANA and Young Empires.

Check out the tracklist below (with artwork by Ricq) and the duo's upcoming North American tour dates (including SXSW) here.


Humans - All My
Basecamp - Mara (Humans Remix)
Humans - Water Water
Humans - 3:33AM
Anonymous - Untitled
Humans - Bout Chu
Young Empires - The Gates (Humans Remix)
Rococode - Panic Attack (Humans Remix)
L.I.A.M. - No Sinner (Humans Remix)
Belle Game - Wasted Light (Humans Remix)
Chela - Guts (Humans Remix)
DIANA - Born Again (Humans Remix)
Ladyfrnd - Un Petit Message (Humans Remix)
Savvie - Break You In (Humans Remix)
Humans - At The Beach

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