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Stream the Soundtrack for Netflix's EDM Film 'XOXO' Featuring Skrillex, Diplo, Disclosure, More

Pete Tong served as a producer and music supervisor on the movie, which hits Netflix on August 26
The cover of the XOXO soundtrack.

Longtime music video director and first time feature director Christopher Louie's EDM film XOXO finally hits Netflix tomorrow. But before you become enraptured with the all-too-relatable tale of six strangers who fortuitously collide at an EDC-esque mega-festival called XOXO, the folks behind the movie have shared some new music to set the mood. Tomorrow, Big Beat Records will release the film's high-gloss soundtrack, but it's streaming here today, and it features the sorts of heavy-hitters that could headline a fest like XOXO, including Skrillex and Diplo, Galantis, Disclosure, and more.


Pete Tong was enlisted to provide his careful curatorial ear as a music supervisor, but don't think that just because the Essential Mix man is involved that this collection has forgotten EDM's best quality: unabashed fun. New cuts from Hitchhiker ("Ding Dong"), New York wunderkind Zaxx ("Signal"), Brazilian DJ Alok ("Me & You"), and the Finnish DJ Yotto ("Song from the Sun") reflect the sort of beaming, warm material that's bound to lift your spirits as you slowly bake on festival grounds. Most of the tracks—like Jack Ü's "Beats Knockin," and the Flume remix of Disclosure's 2015 single "You & Me"—are previously released, but their they provide familiar caffeinated jolts among the newer tracks. The whole collection functions sort of like a festival DJ set in that way. Boundary-pushing newer material is salted in, but tried and true hits, the sort of stuff that's guaranteed to make you feel ecstatic, forms the groundwork.

Pete Tong said in an email to THUMP that that's pretty much the point. "Imagine walking through you first EDC or Tomorrowland for the first time," he wrote. "The incredible energy and juxtaposition of crazy sounds assaulting your senses. The euphoria, the new and the unknown, as you are bounced from main stage to some of the more experimental and forward thinking tents / arenas and even to get a peek at backstage and inside the DJ's inner sanctum. I think we have achieved that and also given a great platform to intro some of the newer / up an coming artists like Hitchhiker, Icarus, Yotto, Graves & Dreamer and Brazil's secret weapon Alok."


You can stream the whole thing, old songs and new, in advance of its August 26 release right here.

XOXO soundtrack tracklist:

1. Galantis and East & Young, "Make Me Feel"
2. Michael Brun, "All I Ever Wanted" [feat. Louie]
3. Yotto, "Song From The Sun"
4. Mambo Brothers, "Momento"
5. Zaxx, "Signal"
6. Alok, "Me & You" [feat. Iro]
7. graves & Dreamer, "im friends w 25 letters of the alphabet, i dont know y"
8. Skrillex & Diplo, "Beats Knockin" [feat. Fly Boi Keno]
9. Grandtheft & Keys N Krates, "Keep It 100 (Keys N Krates Live Version)"
10. Hitchhiker, "Ding Dong"
11. Jai Wolf, "Indian Summer"
12. Disclosure, "You & Me (Flume Remix)" [feat. Eliza Doolittle]
13. Galantis, "Gold Dust"
14. Hayden James, "Something About You (ODESZA Remix)"
15. Dada Life, "One Last Night On Earth"
16. Icarus, "Home (Lane 8 Remix)" [feat. Aurora]

The XOXO soundtrack is out August 26 on Big Beat Records, pre-order it here.