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Techno Label Soma Rolls Out Liquor Line

Gins and Whiskeys are also planned for production

Soma Quality Recordings are most known for being founded by techno pioneers Slam, and for putting Daft Punk on the map, but now the Scottish label are turning heads with a new release — rum.

As reported by, Soma have branched out into producing spirits, settling on a former Trinidadian distillery to produce a limited line run dubbed Rum and Techno. "We know a lot of techno lovers," Soma's Director Glenn Gibbons explains, "and people who work for us, that also love a good quality rum. The correlation between the two seemed like a natural thing. We often have a bottle of rum sitting in the office to crack open to celebrate a big release, to get the party going, or to have a nip before venturing out to a club."

At the time of this writing, the bottles have all sold out, but anyone interested in owning some techno tea should keep an eye out for the planned lines of gin and whiskey Soma plans to produce next year in celebration of its 25th anniversary.