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Let This Eekkoo Mix Be Your Monday's Late Night and Early Morning

The prodigy producer offers progressive house and techno in its natural roots.

Marking his territory somewhere in between a haunting, simple methodology and a crisp mechanical force is Eekkoo.

The Canadian prodigy producer has already asserted himself as a forerunner in the scene. After his remix of Deadmau5 and Wolfgang Gartner's "Channel 42" made its way into the hands of BBC Radio 1 emperor Pete Tong, Eekkoo reaped admiration on an international scale. Deadmau5 took the first bite and soon after signed him to his imprint mau5trap.

Eekkoo's finely polished edits are a skill perhaps unrealistic to a mere bedroom producer. As a sound design and synthesis teacher at Musitechnic Technical Institute in Montreal, Eekkoo, or Jonathan Doyon, has been refining his abilities for over seven years. The masterful sounds that seep through his productions and his shoulder rubbing with Deadmau5 make him the coolest teacher pretty much, ever. THUMP is thrilled to present a mix that exemplifies progressive house and techno in its most sincere form.

Eekkoo is set to release his second EP on the mau5trap imprint called Hell Is Other People mid-October on mau5trap. If you can't wait that long, a preview of all five tracks can be found here. And check out his music video with Casper Whirlin and Sailor & I for "Elysium" below.