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Catch Some Post-Club Zzz’s with Zavala’s REM Cycle-Inspired Mix

The Chicago producer kicks off his REM series with 30 minutes of leftfield electronica.
Artwork by Chico Cichelly

The last time THUMP heard from Zavala, the Chicago-based producer and member of left-field hip-hop duo Dark Time Sunshine was on the cusp of releasing his debut solo full-length, Fantasmas. He shared a track, "Roosevelt & Let Go," that was as broodingly psychedelic as it was cathartic.

Today, he's launching a new project, REM, a mix series he tells THUMP is "sequenced and set in a manner of random order, varied intensities and formats, much like a REM sleep experience." Over the course of the 30-minute mix, Zavala traverses the moody, moonlit world of leftfield electronica and beyond, progressing from a slow crawl to a cool, brisk pace. It's the perfect comedown mix to help you catch some proper shut-eye after a long night out.

Grab your jammies, tuck in, and press play on Zavala's REM Series 1 mix below.