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Rabit and Chino Amobi Dropped a Two-Track EP, 'Izlämic Europe'

One track is eponymous to the title, the other track is called "Burning Tower".
May 14, 2016, 8:15pm
Image via Soundcloud

Experimental producer and Halcyon Veil label head, Rabit, and NON Worldwide-cofounder and artist, Chino Amobi, have previously collaborated on a track based on the Furies of Grecian mythology. But their newest collaborative effort brings along with it a much more real and political matter.

Izlämic Europe is a two-track EP, released by NON, full of what sound like planes flying overhead, gunshot beats, eyewitness reports, and samples of Arabic women singers. Of the two tracks, one is eponymous to the title, and the other is called "Burning Tower." There are no liner notes, or any statement (that we can find) to coincide with the album; if anything the two have at least succeeded in putting a charged topic at the forefront of their art.

Listen to it below. Chino Amobi will also be performing this week as part of the NON events at the Red Bull Music Academy Festival New York next weekend.