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Yes, You Can Now Watch a TV Musical About EDM and Berlin Nightlife

The first episode of ‘Lost Generation’ can be streamed on YouTube.
Screenshot via YouTube.

New Form Digital and distributor Go90 have joined forces to create Lost Generation, a new television musical about Berlin nightlife and EDM.

Lost Generation stars Katie Findlay (best known for the TV show How to Get Away with Murder), as a young woman in search of a missing friend. Her character becomes drawn into Berlin's nightlife culture, clubs and parties while in search of her friend.

"Berlin is like, starving artist paradise," a character says in the show's trailer. "We all came here for the same reason: we want something else." Each episode is approximately 12 minutes long, so you have time to binge without feeling guilty about it.

Interested audiences can stream Lost Generation on Go90's website or through its mobile apps. The first episode of Lost Generation is also available on New Form Digital's YouTube channel.

Watch the trailer for Lost Generation below and steam the first episode on YouTube here. New episodes will be released online every Friday here. In August, we covered the release of Netflix's EDM-themed movie, XOXO.