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Mr. C Thinks Everyone Just Needs to Relax and Meditate

The techno elder statesman and Further Future founder Jason Swamy impart wisdom in this week's Rave Curious podcast.

Before he was a beacon for underground techno and house, Mr. C was the leader of proto-rave band the Shamen. In the 30 years since he discovered dance music, the Los Angeles resident has done it all, using his unexpected chart-topping success to cultivate the vibrant community that sprung up around him.

From founding the legendary club The End in London, which helped to define the modern techno club experience, to promoting his Superfreq label and events in the city he now calls home, Mr. C is never afraid to challenge the status quo. He meets Rave Curious head on with some flashbacks to the '90s rave culture and plenty of opinions about the global scene of today. He also takes on Trump and tells us why everyone should really just relax and meditate.

Also on the podcast is Robot Heart conspirator Jason Swamy, who came to tell Rave Curious about his history with Burning Man and how his new event, Further Future, is seeking to surpass the "woo-woo" of the transformational festival scene and enact real change.

Listen to Rave Curious Podcast 012 - Mr. C & Jason Swamy

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