Blunts, Donuts, Puppies, and Bass: Caspa and Rusko Go b2b in LA


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Blunts, Donuts, Puppies, and Bass: Caspa and Rusko Go b2b in LA

It's all whomps and woofs in this exclusive photo diary as the dubstep legends ride again.
October 20, 2015, 4:55pm

In the annals of bass music, Caspa and Rusko will go down as two acts who best captured the golden age of dubstep, right in that sweet spot between deep shit and tear-out. This past weekend at Exchange in downtown Los Angeles, the duo (whose game-changing FabricLive37 collab is nearly ten years old now!) joined forces once again and turned that old bank into the heaving swamp of bass whompage, the likes of which it has likely never been before.


We got Caspa and Rusko to give us a bit of a behind-the-scenes tour of the weekend, and amidst the blunt smoke, donuts, and raging, there were just two old homies stoked to play some tunes. Have a look at what we mean:

Rusko: "The most important b2b of the weekend was being back with my dog Wiley."
Caspa: "After an exhausting flight we went straight to Insomniac HQ to chat with our old friend Pasquale."

Rusko: "We always like to push boundaries and do what nobody else in the scene is doing. This time, it's making history by bringing the first dog into the Night Owl Radio studio.

Caspa: "No trip to LA is complete without a visit to Amoeba Music."

Rusko: "The homies over at Dk's Donuts hooked it up with some dough-based DJ appreciation"

Caspa: "The music, the history, that's easy to recall. When it came time to Radio IDs however, that's another story. Wait until you see the blooper reel. Literally, I have the memory of a goldfish."

Caspa: "When you're visiting America from the UK for the week, the most important question to ask is always: 'What's the wifi password?'"

Rusko: "Mid-interview blunt break…When in California!"

Rusko: "Special delivery from Coolhaus – and of course Wiley gets a bite of everything."

Caspa: "Sign the Exchange wall of fame, sign Rusko's face, same thing?"

Caspa and Rusko: "Taking the stage together after a six year hiatus but it feels like nothing has changed."

…and check the duo's new video for "Blouse an Skirt":

…and peep the duo's new website:

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