This story is over 5 years old.

Trouw Is Returning To Amsterdam, Sorta

New venue, De School, could be open by December 1.

With the final revelers returning to earth after ADE 2015, a common note of conversation is that legendary defunct club Trouw was highly conspicuous in its absence after closing on Jan 3rd of this year. It is fortuitous, then, that we now get our first hint of what the team behind the club, which from 2009 to 2015 helped raise the entire city of Amsterdam into a world-class clubbing destination, has planned next.

Official documents by the city of Amsterdam point to a new venue, called De School, which applied for a 24 hour operating license in the western end of the city. As Google translates on the municipality website: "If all conditions are met, the company which was previously responsible for include Club 11 and Club Trouw, will [be given] the opportunity to develop this site for a period of five years to attraction for the city."

The five year limit on De School follows in the original concept of Trouw, which also operated as a finite venue awaiting to be torn down for a large-scale development project. Trouw took it's name from the existing sign on its building, which once housed the printing presses for Der Verdieping Trouw newspaper, while De School will located in [surprise!] a former school. But unlike the super-club-sized Trouw, De School will only be licensed to hold 500 people. Deep House Amsterdam is reporting that the venue hopes to open by Dec. 1, barring any permitting issues.