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Robert Robert Introduces a “Stereochrome” Vision of Montreal

The Montrealer introduces us to his wonderfully chaotic world, replete with graffiti, broken bottles and synchronized swimmers.
November 25, 2014, 10:50pm

Say hello to Robert Robert, one of the newest breakout stars from the Montreal music scene. Off his latest LP Pastel, Robert Robert introduces us to his wonderfully chaotic world in his newest video "Stereochrome." The video is replete with stimulating visuals of graffiti, broken bottles and synchronized swimmers.

While everyone seems to be getting progressively moodier and introspective with their music videos,(or else shunning them completely), Robert Robert brings a bit of joy back to the art of it all. The video was described to me as a "short invitation into Robert Robert's colourful and tropical mind while the hypnotic beat takes you on a psychedelic journey." While I can't speak to the psychedelic journey part, he definitely created a captivating visual interpretation of the nostalgic vibe of the track. The opening scenes took me back to the good old days of Skins (season one, of course) and their reckless abandon. The sixteen year old me cried a little.


Instead of forcing a narrative, Robert Robert and his team used the opportunity to showcase the creative community surrounding his music. There are some familiar faces in there too—RYAN Playground makes an appearance, as well as rapper Jei Bandit (probably someone to keep on your radar if you don't know him already). But it's dancer Arthur Wilfried Kamara who really steals the spotlight. It pulls the whole video together nicely and displays a performance that's on par with the guy from that Flume track.

Here's to more people having fun with what they do and more great work from Robert Robert in the future.