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Boogie Through the Back Alleys of Addis Ababa on Pat Jordache's "Moses 147"

Hear a jazzy 10-minute new track from the Montreal musician and Banko Gotiti Records boss.
Photo by Roxanne Lemieux

Last year Montreal artist and founder of Banko Gotiti Records—the imprint responsible for releases by artists including Tc All-Stars and synth-pop auteur Scott HardwarePat Jordache (aka Patrick Gregoire) released Steps, his breezy, psych-pop sophomore album inspired by Brian Eno, plastic soul, and "Vogue" producer Shep Pettibone.

For his latest single "Moses 147," the multi-instrumentalist looked to the "back alleys of Addis Ababa" for inspiration, pulling elements of Ethiopian jazz and 70s boogie together for a woozy saxophone-heavy jam that clocks in at just over ten minutes.

Listen to it below (the colourful artwork courtesy of Nick Diamonds), and if you live in Montreal, check out Banko Gotiti's POP Montreal showcaseat Club Balattou on Sept. 22.

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