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Eekkoo is in a Detroit State of Mind with “Warren Avenue”

This Montreal audiophile likes to take it one notch darker.
April 7, 2015, 7:15pm

Eekkoo is the only person that deadmau5 has ever sought out on SoundCloud, simply because he's one of the only producers strong enough to earn kudos from the mau5 on sound engineering. From there he hasn't looked back and is well on his way to not needing that relationship with a certain mau5's name to be recognized or acclaimed.

An audiophile through and through, real name Jon Doyon, has spent years studying sound design (both self-taught and professionally). Meanwhile, Doyon teaches production classes at a local school in Montreal, which he mentioned helps keep him up-to-date with all the new technology at his disposal. "Almost all of the sounds you hear in my tracks are analog" he explained, "but the processing is digital. EQs, compressors, and limiters in the plug-in world are close enough to the real deal."


From the beginning, Doyon has been working his deep knowledge of sonic soundscapes into his own production. Aside from producing, mixing, and mastering his own music, Doyon considers himself a songwriter as well. "There are a couple cool projects regarding this that are in the works—but right now, the fans haven't experienced this side of me yet."

He's also produced for TV shows and advertisements, as it keeps him fresh and on his toes. "I like to produce on these different mediums. It's a different approach to production," he commented. "It keeps me fresh, and helps to ensure that I'm always learning. If you're curious and passionate, you never stop learning. I still feel like I can do better to be honest. And this is what gets me going every day."

All of Eekkoo's production is truly original, down to the mastering. "When you put together some good ideas to make a record, you quickly realise that the track needs to sound right—mixing wise." he clarified. "When you understand what comes next at the mastering stage it really helps to make the right technical choices throughout the production process."

Eekkoo likes to take it one notch darker, favouring more techno-laden production geared at rocking a dancefloor. His latest track "Warren Avenue," is actually named from a street in the birthplace of techno—Detroit. He describes it as "techno, and really an Eekkoo record. It has my signature sound juxtaposed to some of Detroit's most classic techno sounds." And the timing couldn't be better, as Eekkoo will be playing at a new venue in Detroit named Populux on April 27.

Following his Detroit gig, Eekkoo will be heading to Toronto to play at Toika on May 9. He will also be one of many locals playing at AIM Festival on Canada Day long weekend in Montreal.

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