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NORTHMIX: Beach Season

Making booty wave, one cheek at a time.
May 6, 2015, 6:47pm

Samuel Gram and Simon Blitzer are two Canadian producers weathering Calgary's dominant rock scene with their self-described brand of "booty wave." We first met the pair in Montreal at Red Bull Music Academy's Bass Camp, which the two were handpicked to attend. After some late-late Montreal nights, a delusional round of 21 Questions surfaced during downtime.

"If you could fight any musician, living or dead, who would you fight?" asked the volunteer invigilator. "I could totally fight Big Sean," declared Gram. "He's short and skinny, I could take him. He's dating Ariana Grande, her booty is small though."


That "booty wave" is a real interest, it seems. But they're quick to the draw in defense of everyone's favourite Torontonian. "I would never fight Drake though," Gram continued. "I would cuddle with Drake…I would have a pillow fight with Drake."

That sweet-and-salty character makes up the sounds of Beach Season. Bright, beat-based melodies light their beaten path, scattering hip-hop elements along the way. Touches of R&B darlings like Elhae still leave room for backbone rap samples, courtesy of DJ Mustard's "Mustard on the beat."

Recent tour dates with Bakermat and Humans are evidence of the cement Beach Season is laying throughout Canada's music scene. And with a new EP and a show at NXNE on the horizon, there's little these two booty connoisseurs can't conquer.

Beach Season is scheduled to play the NXNE Kick Off Party at Commonwealth Bar in Calgary on June 4.

Str8 Outta Mumbai (Benzel Remix) - Jai Paul
Don't - Bryson Tiller
Smoke Drink (Jeftuz Remix) - Mila J
lol. - BNJMN x Maurice Moore
Sam - Elhae
Drinks On Us (J. Louis Remix) - The Weeknd
Henny In Hand (Fortune x Ekali Remix) - Tory Lanez
To Earth and Back - Sam Gellaitry
Gachapon - Ramzoid
Oyo - Da-P
Powder - Sam Gellaitry
Navi's Dance - PYRMDPLAZA
Day 1 - Alexander Lewis. x Brass Tracks
Heaven Only Knows (ft. Chance The Rapper & Lido) - Towkio
Lovesick Fuck - Mura Masa
Waiting - TAPES
Shook - Beach Season
Money - Mura Masa
Ice Rink - Cashmere Cat x Dj Mustard

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