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The Raptor Cage from Jurassic Park Is on Ebay—Raptor Included

It's time to bring movie magic back from extinction...
via eBay/Vendio/themeparkconnection

Got close to $100K and a large, if scientifically-inaccurate, animal you need to kennel? Hold on to your butts, because eBay has you covered.

The cage from the opening scene of Jurassic Park—where the workers are moving the raptors into the park and (SPOILER) that one guy gets pulled in and you get your first inkling that maybe this dinosaur theme park hasn’t been totally thought through—is up for auction this week, and it comes with a raptor.


The seller, themeparkconnection, touts it as “one of the most amazing movie props that we have ever offered on eBay!”

Now, if you win the auction, you’ll have to pick it up from near Los Angeles yourself, which makes sense, given that there’s a bit of a history associated with shipping this raptor cage. (Fun fact: that guy was called “the Gatekeeper.”) The cage and dinosaur set also weighs nearly a thousand pounds.

via Vendio/themeparkconnections

The raptor was built as a prop for the premier, and themeparkconnection warns that “the original Crate prop and the Velociraptor prop set do show significant signs of wear,” so—you know—be practical about this. But hey, if it’s meant to be, life will find a way, right?

My advice: Consider whether you could do it, don’t bother considering whether you should.