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Coming Soon to the Deep Web: Adorable Baked Goods

A gURLs internet art collective wants to bring something cute and innocent to the darkest corners of the internet.

The deep web is a place where you can buy drugs, hit men, porn, and now adorable baked goods.

A bake sale is coming to a .onion address near you as part of a project from ♡♡ cybertwee ♡♡, a collective founded by artists Gabriella Hileman, May Waver, and Violet Forest that explores the intersections of "femininity, sweetness, cuteness, and technology."

The founders organized a Kickstarter to cover the ingredients and shipping materials for the sale, which successfully raised $347 before it closed on Friday. Remaining proceeds from the project will go to the DIY biohacker collective GynePunks, which works to make gynecological medicine available to more women through open-source tools.


Hileman and Forest said that beyond raising funds, the broader goal of the project is to educate more people about the varied uses of the deep web.

"A lot of what we are trying to do as a group is to learn more about technology," Hileman told me. "We aren't all that familiar with the deep web, so our incentive for this is to educate ourselves, and in doing that educate others and make it a group effort. We want to make things like this accessible to more people so we can all benefit from tools like encryption."

The cybertwee members will be baking and selling rosewater cookies sprinkled in gold edible glitter and hosting exclusive videos and art on a .onion address that will made available to those who donated to the Kickstarter.

Donors who gave at least $5 will also be given access to a PDF or password-protected Tumblr page with a cybertwee guide for purchasing products online with Bitcoin and accessing the site using Tor browser. Forest said they hope to make tools like these more accessible to members of their group who came more for the art than the technological side of their mission.

"We are interested in what happens when something cute and innocent happens on the deep web—and how opening that avenue of thought can open other ideas on the deep web that are not malicious," she said.

The bake sale is the first of a series of Kickstarter campaigns for the collective, which will advertise its future online events on the group's Facebook,


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