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'Candy Crush'-Themed Cafe Opens in Tokyo

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.
Image: King

If you're trying to hit rock bottom with your saccharine, in-app purchase-fueled Candy Crush addiction, you might want to book a trip to Japan, where developer King just opened a Candy Crush-themed cafe.

Located in Tokyo, the Marunouchi Ready Style book store has been transformed with the colorful gameplay elements of Candy Crush Soda, the sister-game to Candy Crush Saga. Customers can now buy Candy Crush-themed swag, take their pictures with Candy Crush characters, order Candy Crush-themed drinks like the Toffee Coffee Float, and play Candy Crush on a huge touch screen. And there's also a ton of candy, of course.

Image: King

A King spokesperson told Motherboard that "visitors to the store can look forward to immersing themselves in the Candy Crush Soda world," but only for a limited time. The Candy Crush pop-up will only be open to the public for a "short time," King said, and the company doesn't have plans to replicate the event outside of Japan.

It seems like part of King's continued effort to dominate the lucrative Japanese mobile market. Last year, the company opened a studio in Japan (which also looks almost too sweet to handle), following several, incredibly dramatic Candy Crush TV commercials targeting Japanese audiences.

Big screen candy crushing. Image: King