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Someone Stole Jose Fernandez's High School Jersey from a Candlelight Vigil [UPDATE]

People are the worst.

#JoseFernandez's Alonso HS jersey was stolen after a vigil in Tampa, coach is pleading for its return. Photo via @monica_herndon @TB_Times
— Sara DiNatale (@sara_dinatale) September 29, 2016

What is wrong with you people?

Not to sound too much like Helen Lovejoy, but seriously. What is wrong with people?

Alonso High School in Tampa held a vigil for Jose Fernandez Wednesday night after the star pitcher's tragic death over the weekend. Fernandez attended Alonso after he defected from Cuba and before he became a first round pick and future MLB star.


During the ceremony, the school hung an original Alonso High School jersey in their dugout that Fernandez wore while playing for the team there. Then it was stolen. No one from the school is sure exactly when and definitely not by who, but it is gone and they want it back.

Landy Faedo, the team's coach, is practically begging.

"Faedo, according to a school release, is pleading for whoever took the jersey to return it," according to the Tampa Bay Times.

It's a very sad and, honestly, dystopic occurrence. A community comes together to try to mourn for one of its dead sons and somebody just steals his jersey.

Ken Heart, the school's principal, said it is the "lowest of the low." The school had no security camera on Wednesday night during the vigil or on the dugout so all they can do is hope someone brings it back.

They have one remaining Fernandez jersey left and hung it up Thursday in an enclosed frame inside the school. God, people can really be messed up sometimes.

Update: Faith in humanity has been momentarily restored as someone has returned the stolen jersey:

Hillsborough County Public Schools said in a news release Friday that the jersey was returned Thursday.

Officials said a family saw a large envelope leaning up against the ticket booth at Alonso High School with the words "Jose's jersey" written on it. The family took the envelope into to the school Friday morning. The jersey was inside.