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Joakim Noah Enters Pantheon of Worst Ever Shots in the NBA

Joakim Noah took quite possibly the worst jumpshot of all time last night.

It's nigh impossible to call one singular jump shot the worst in NBA history, but it's sure fun to try.

Here's a few gamefarts that are definitely on the list:


Those are all worthy entries, but last night, Joakim Noah proudly and emphatically threw his hat into the "worst jump shot in NBA history" ring with this terribly hideous…floater? The cheese stands alone on this one. With not one, not two, but three Pistons defenders watching on from a safe distance, daring Noah to attempt quite possibly the single worst shot in NBA history, Noah lurchingly obliges. His two-handed unspooling-the-cable push-shot is three-feet-short-and-falling, awkwardly taking a long time to develop, the ball hanging in the air, like the entire lowlight is playing out in super slo-mo. To Joakim's credit, if you're going to airball, airball for the ages.

It could've been worse last night, Noah could've been LeBron and airballed a foul shot .

[Uecker voice] Jusssssssst a bit underside.

All of this jump-shooting awfulness is taking its toll. We need a savior.

Wait, is that? "Ronnie" Artest, err Metta World Peace, is still in the NBA? And survived being touched by Okie apparitions to become the designated free-thrower for all shots to Timofey Mozgov's dome?

Welcome back, Tru Warier. What's that you have to say around 0:28?

"I Love to play!" And we love to watch, Ron-Ron! Airballs and all.