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Matt Barnes Will Find You On Twitter

Casey Jacobsen played in the NBA, and has basketball opinions. Name-searching Matt Barnes still does, and did not think very highly of those opinions.

Casey Jacobsen was a prolific college scorer at Stanford, a first-round pick in the 2002 NBA Draft, and spent parts of five seasons in the league. Matt Barnes was a productive if less highly touted player at UCLA, and was chosen 23 selections after Jacobsen in the same draft. Barnes is still in the league; Jacobsen isn't. There are many reasons why this is the case, but we can't rule out Compulsively Name-Searching Yourself On Twitter After Your Team Wins An Elimination Game On The Road Against The Defending NBA Champions, And Then Putting Haters On Smash.


Matt Barnes with a reasoned, thoughtful response to Casey Jacobsen's thoughts on the Clippers
— Chris Ballard (@SI_ChrisBallard) May 1, 2015

Or maybe it's just that Barnes plays better defense. Either way, Matt Barnes remains either delightfully awesome or unforgivably irritating, depending on your biases. He is the NBA's foremost heel, an interesting person, and no damn phony. And he is also someone who will find your ass on Twitter if you get out of line. Consider yourself warned.