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Alex Rodriguez Leads Yankees to Comeback Win With Incredible Bat Flip

Alex Rodriguez inspires Yankees to victory on strength of gorgeous bat flip.

The New York Yankees beat the Tampa Bay Rays 4-1 in a thrilling ninth-inning comeback made entirely possible by lovable grinder Alex Rodriguez. With two outs and Brett Gardner on second after a steal, Alex Rodriguez ripped a double to the gap in center field and unleashed one of the crispest bat flips you'll ever see. He tied the game and set the stage for Slade Heathcott to take the glory on a three-run home run two batters later.


The home run was nice and all—you know, necessary for the win and stuff—but let's not forget the real hero: Alex Rodriguez. Who knows if Heathcott muscles the ball out if he hadn't just witnessed a universally adored gamer show a little emotion with the best bat flip this side of the Korean Baseball Organization? Who knows if he would have been willing to play the hero in front of all those post-game cameras if Alex Rodriguez hadn't purchased three suits for him? The chances Heathcott hits that home run without the light at the end of the tunnel of an A-Rod bear hug that will move your soul are virtually nil.

These Yankees are scrappers—unsatisfied with the Wild Card and battling the mercenary Blue Jays for the pennant—taking cues from grit personified: Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez.