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​Manic Street Preachers to Release Wales' Official Euro 2016 Song

If you tolerate this, maybe a decent England song will be next.

With their first major tournament since the 1958 World Cup on the horizon, the Football Association of Welsh have decided to do things properly in the months prior to Euro 2016. In honouring the time-old tradition of the official tournament song, they've mercifully avoided the obvious pitfalls of asking Katherine Jenkins to warble an operatic dirge alongside a child choir, or getting Goldie Lookin' Chain to do a football-themed rap remix of Myfanwy.


Instead, they've made a pretty solid choice by recruiting the Manic Street Preachers to record what we assume will be a good, old fashioned rock anthem. It's called "Together Stronger (C'mon Wales)" which, although it sounds like a translated Plaid Cymru slogan, is refreshingly unpretentious.

Chris Coleman has endorsed the FAW's choice, saying it's "fantastic to be involved with such an iconic Welsh band". He seems like more of a '90s techno man himself but, nonetheless, Coleman and the Wales squad have recorded an accompanying music video alongside the Manics. The song is due to be released on 20 May, with all proceeds going to charity.

It's worth noting that this is Wales' first pop at an official tournament song. The last time they qualified for a major international competition, the Beatles weren't even a thing.

As such, we should all try to be understanding if it's a bit terrible. Whatever it sounds like, we're fairly certain it's going to be better than England's last official Euro anthem.