The Avalanches Are Back (Again) with a 13 Minute Visual Mashup

It's like an avalanche of Avalanches related content!
July 6, 2016, 9:38am

Typical isn't it? You wait 15 years to hear something from a bunch of reclusive Australian sample addicts and them BAM, it's like someone turned the taps on in a dilapidated and derelict seaside hotel and suddenly you're being washed into a riptide of stagnant, brown water. That's just bloody typical, isn't it? That's life, as Frank Sinatra used to sing night after night until he no longer had one.


Hey, that really tenuously brings us to the Avalanches! They have a newish, and terrible, song called "Frankie Sinatra"! And a new, long-awaited, actually quite good new album called Wildflower. All is right with the world again. Our saviours returned and they didn't totally suck, which is probably as much as we could have asked for. There's been DJ sets at festivals and clubs, and they'll probably be guest hosting Saturday Kitchen at the weekend. Rumours of a cameo in the new series of Call the Midwife are unconfirmed but our sources say things look "pretty promising."

In addition to all that, the Avalanches have just released this really quite fun 13 minute audio-visual mashup called The Was. Featuring album tracks and snippets from a tonne of films you (probably) know and (maybe) love, it's quite possibly best enjoyed with something stronger than a Pall Mall. Watch below, and if you can name every film featured in it, let us know and you'll win a prize.*

*You won't win a prize.