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Jozef K & Winter Son Experience an Acid Flashback on the UK Rave Inspired "Smiling Through Wide Eyes"

This will carry you away to a muddy field somewhere on the right side of 1995.
Jozef K & Winter Son.

This track from Jozef K & Winter Son is new music, we promise, but given just how much it recalls the heady days of the Haçienda you'd be forgiven for thinking it was about 25 years old—in the best possible way. "Smiling Through Wide Eyes," is the opening track from the duo's upcoming EP on Skint Records, and it's a spacey ode to the UK rave. Blissed out pianos, fluid breakbeats and dusty synths all conspire to carry the listener away to a muddy field somewhere on the right side of 1995. We're getting dewy-eyed thinking about it, and we'd barely been born at the time.


It makes sense that the duo would tread these paths. Jozef K is a Manchester boy, who has been a regular feature at Sankeys for many years, and with Winter Son's love of analogue instrumentation, they are more that equipped to return to the rave. Listen to the track below.

Smiling Through Wide Eyes is released on 20th March 2016 on Skint Records.