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Take a F*cking Insane Ride on Cool 3D World’s 360° Rollercoaster

The duo of CGI animators teamed up with Always & Forever Computer Entertainment for this rollercoaster of a 360 video.
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Now you can ride through the ridiculousness of Cool 3D World on a roller coaster in their latest 360° video done in collaboration with their friends over at Always & Forever Computer Entertainment. The ride starts in a pretty ordinary vestibule with your average ferris wheel and merry go around as well as a massive naked guy waving to you while sitting on the toilet. The inaugural drop falls immediately into a giant loop that shoots you under water where an audience of amphibious beasts await you. Once you’ve resurfaced it's up a short hill, past a few arm flailing monkeys and into what can only be described as Ancient Egypt…Land.


The coaster takes you through what looks like different themed sections of the park. Just like Disneyland's Frontierland and Mickey’s Toontown, Cool 3D World’s theme park has its own Ancient Egypt as well as another area filled with enlarged pastries that we’ll just call the Dessert Desert. Within the track’s short minute long runtime, riders enter a giant troll’s mouth, zip through his spiraling black vortex of a throat, and roll over an actively erupting volcano. At the end of the track, a giant hand flicks your car back in the other direction so you can do it all over it again.

To check out more work by Cool 3D World, head over to their website. And to learn more about Always & Forever Computer Entertainment, click here.


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