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AntiVJ's Joanie Lemercier Maps Light Projections To 3D Origami Walls

The artist builds on his recent workshop in Birmingham.
January 14, 2013, 6:13pm

Every time AntiVJ’s Joanie Lemercier comes out with a new project, you can expect that it will achieve visual wonderment through color, geometry, and just the right application of tech. We recently spoke about a workshop Lemercier held at The Public gallery near Birmingham in the UK, where he taught a group of kids some of the tricks of his trade using a three-dimensional surface made from paper pyramids—a simple example with beautiful results.


You can see the breathtaking results above. The texture created by the pyramids provides a break from the typically flat screens we deal with on a daily basis. As Lemercier explains:

Every day we stare at screens. We look at cinema screens, TV screens, phone screens, and it’s always a flat, rectangular projection or a flat rectangular image. What I like with projection mapping is that you can turn anything into a display, you can take a sculpture and project colors on it and really change the way it looks.

See images of the project below.

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[via Colossal]