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Take In A Trilogy Of Psychedelic, Electro-Folk, Audiovisual Madness

A titillating union of experimental music and animation from Oorutaichi and Sojiro Kamatani.
December 21, 2011, 7:37pm

Bewildering fans ever since the debut of his multi-track improv cassette album ?, Japanese musician Oorutaichi aka Taichi Moriguchi gives dancehall reggae an entirely new and electrifying personality.

Programming loops, percussion and improvisational serenades in his own invented language, Oorutaichi's music keeps you constantly intrigued, taking your ears to familiar sources of inspiration like The Doors and Aphex Twin. Now busy with his indie crafted label Okimi Records, he keeps up with his indescribably eccentric solo project in addition to a four-member folk-pop ensemble Urichipangoon and DIY studio improvisation group Obakejaa.


And what better to visually accompany this audio madness? None other than the psychotropic direction of experimental animator Sojiro Kamatani. Kamatani accentuates Oorutaichi's music by packing each music video with a chaotic stream of conscious unconsciousness, scrambling and animating hand-drawn characters and vibrant colors. Together, they compose an innovative mash-up of savvy tech skills that still sways analogue.

Oorutaichi: “Futurelina”

Oorutaichi: “Hamihadarigeri”

Oorutaichi: “Beshaby”