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Ferienne: Creating Beguiling Motion Graphics Using Ferrofluids

Afiq Omar uses the forces of dynamics, magnetism, and cymatics to create stunning abstract images.

Artist Afiq Omar has been playing around with ferrofluids—magnetized fluids—and using the results to create freakish videos that look like they’re inhabited by otherworldly lifeforms from one of Saturn’s moons. His experiments have seen him mixing ferrofluids with items found on the weekly shopping list: soap, alcohol, milk—and he’s now released a third installment of his ferrofluid animations which investigate the forces of dynamics, magnetism, and cymatics.

Using different mixes to create his ferrofluids Omar gives form to these invisible acts of nature, in turn creating patterns that swirl and swarm and, in this video, look like some kind of alien calligraphy. For this latest work the metallic complexities of the ferrofluid world have given way to a softer palette, as analog VFX and simple editing techniques are used to create these singular motion graphics:

I focused more on achieving clean and precise images this time around using a massive amount of material collected over the past eight weeks. The colour palette was kept similar to that of the human skin, and the textures were manipulated using different backgrounds, further pushing the limits of trypophobia; the fear of holes.