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This Triple-Screen Gaming Laptop Will Make You the Coolest Guy at Starbucks

Imagine opening this bad boy up on an airplane.

Imagine walking into a Starbucks. You order a venti frappe triple cookie blast or whatever, find a great little spot near the back, and plunk down your new triple-screen laptop. It's time to GAME.

Razer's Project Valerie, unveiled at CES this week, is a three-screen setup in one laptop. Yes, that's right, two 17.3 screens unfurl automatically from the center, like glorious wings of an angel. The teenager who most likely brought this idea to the table should have either been slapped in the mouth and sent home for the day, or given the keys to the company. There's no in-between here. It's mad genius.

It's just a concept right now, but Razer is promising 11520x2160 resolution on these bad boys. The whole getup will probably weigh around 50 fucking pounds. Or like, 12. It'll be heavy. But Razer promises it'll all fit into your satchel.

They're marketing this prototype to gamers, demoing Titanfall 2 and boasting about its NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 GPU, but let's be real. One of these screens might be a game, but the other two will be used for Twitter and firing off scorching hot takes.

It's day one of CES and we're already seeing Peak CES. What more horror could be wrought before it's over?