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Three Charged in the Gruesome Murder of Winnipeg Resident Garnet Williams

Police say he was savagely beaten, locked in a suite for ten days, and then his body was left in a dumpster.
Mack Lamoureux
Toronto, CA
December 9, 2016, 8:07pm

Photo via flikr user Dave Shaver

According to police, the last days of Garnet Williams' life would have been hell.

The story of Williams' death, according to police, goes like this: In late July, the Winnipeg man went to a suite with a small group of people. An argument erupted between the group and Williams was "was seriously assaulted by multiple people."

The 43-year-old suffered critical injuries in the beating and was left on the cold floor of the suite. Williams would then be kept confined for ten days until he finally succumbed to the injuries.


After being kept held Williams suffered one final indignity when the group disposed of his body in a dumpster.

He was found there on August 10th—ten days after the ordeal started.

A little more than two weeks after Williams was found, police charged three people, Jeremy Lee Allen, Miranda LeClaire and Lyle Barrow with his death. Originally, Allen was the only one charged with first-degree murder and LeClaire and Barrow were charged with manslaughter. On December 8th, police upgraded Barrow and LeClaire's charges to first-degree murder.

Two others were charged with indignity to a human body.

Williams' family described him as a kind and gentle man who didn't deserve this kind of end. Charlotte Williams. Garnet's sister, told the CBC that she wondered what went through the mind of the people who sat and listened to her brother die over the ten days.

"I hope these people have a conscience and they are haunted for the rest of their lives, remembering his last breath, his last days."

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