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Pierce Fulton Walks Us Through This Stellar Set of "Kuaga" Remixes

With everything from bassline to progressive house, there's now a "Kuaga" for every occasion.
November 24, 2014, 10:59pm

Pierce Fulton manages to perform the tightrope act of balancing progressive house, electro, a little deep, a lotta upfront, and thoughtful songwriting all at once. He maintained his fine form when releasing "Kuaga" on CR2 in August to much acclaim. The track is a latently feelsy electro banger with samples from what sounds like a Sub-Saharan kids choir – Think somewhere between Odesza and Nicky Romero. It's racked up a quarter of a million plays on Soundcloud alone since then.


Fulton's remix EP for "Kuaga" is released today, and we've got the premiere of the whole thing. It goes everywhere from future house stylings with Odd Mob to progressive house with Yotto. It's safe to say that, thanks to Odd Mob, Sevag, Sonny Alven, and Yotto, there's a "Kuaga" for every occasion. We got Pierce himself to give us the rundown on each track.

Yotto Remix:

"I asked my good friend Otto for a remix because I love his new project Yotto. After hearing a few demos of his new originals, I asked him to do a remix. I'm very happy I asked him to remix Kuaga because it's my favorite of the package!"

Sonny Alven Remix:

"After digging through 400+ remixes from my Wavo remix comp, I came across Sonny's and it was stuck in my head for days. Every time I'd find a promising winner, I'd go back to Sonny's. I think he matched exactly what I was looking for in the contest, it stays true to the original but takes my song on a totally different journey."

Sevag Remix:

"I love the tribal feel to Sevag's remix! Fits right in with Tom Starr & Kryder vibes in a set. Looking forward to playing this one out!"

Odd Mob Remix:

"I'm glad we got something a bit darker on the package. Perfect for late night sets, great swing throughout"

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