Hyperrealistic Oil Paintings Highlight Blossoming Young Women


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Hyperrealistic Oil Paintings Highlight Blossoming Young Women

Artist Soey Milk’s stunning scenes depict youthful beauty, erotism and femininity.

Hyperrealistic oil paintings show a world where realism dances with luscious daydreams in the work of artist Soey Milk. With an extensive color palette, Milk creates highly-refined works that depict ethereal young women, awash in dreamlike imagery.

Working feminine and erotic themes into her canvases, Milk visualizes precise moments of blossoming womanhood. "I am a young woman who is learning more, every day, what it means to flourish into a fuller being," Milk explains to Creators. "My pieces create narratives and symbols as they simmer in my daily life. In a way, they are visual timelines, as they set pins along my path." The stories she tells are centered around the vague feeling of romance when the protagonists, truly alluring women, often pose alone in moments of pleasure or pain.



Milk is highly focused on the human anatomy, rendering her enrapturing subjects expertly, from a technical standpoint. Currently inspired by the colorful imagery of experimental photographer Matthew Brandt, Milk juxtaposes her shiny, beautiful bodies against vivid backgrounds and chaotic mixtures of richly-patterned fabrics. Shrouding her subtle visions of beauty, their settings make the doe-eyed characters float in an ocean of lush bright abstraction. "My titles and imagery work closely together—not to allude to a specific memory, but rather to show what has sifted through this, my human filter," says Milk.

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