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Little Boots Delivers a Raunchy, Rhonda-Ready Disco Mix

In preparation for her gig at Rhonda this weekend, Little Boots has gotten us feeling a 'lil frisky.
September 10, 2014, 11:13pm

It's been just two months since Little Boots' Victoria Hesketh had us a-wigglin' to a MIXED BY featuring everyone from Todd Terje to Diana Ross, but never one for idle hands, she's returned to THUMP's longing arms with her Back to Work mix. It's a fanciful 50-minute collection released just in time for her performance at A Club Called Rhonda in Los Angeles this weekend, and it's already gotten us feelin' a little frisky days in advance.


In typically Little Bootsy fashion, the mix has one eye peering towards 70s disco and the other leant towards house-tinged modern dance-pop. The whole collection sits together in such an effortless groove that we're pretty sure the password is (push) play, over and over again. The only bummer now is figuring out which of her THUMP mixes to listen to.

Tracklist forthcoming.

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