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The Collabs on FlyLo's New Album Are as Killer as Its Cover Art

The Mozart Of L.A. beat-makers announces full L.P

Ok, so we've got FlyLo's bonce being eviscerated by some kind of transcendental mind-fuck, some skeletons, some killer-vine things that could also be blood streams, and a bunch of naked men, one of whom looks like Freddie Mercury. The artwork for FlyLo's newly announced album, designed by comic book artist Shintaro Kago. is for want of a better word, bananas. With the artwork's 60s acid feel, the suggestion is the producer will be continuing down the path of byzantine psychedelia he's been treading in recent years. In other words, new album You're Dead is set to be just as barking as the artwork.


As per usual, the man himself is underplaying things: "[You're Dead] is a sonic, visual and metaphysical fusion of technological innovation and technical virtuosity that amounts to a transcendent, mind-expanding plasm that could only exist between our world and another" We don't know what the fuck that means. In general, though, we love a good plasm. So let's just move on.

Really it's the ridiculous gallery of collaborators the producer has lined up for You're Dead that we're most excited about, with Snoop, Kendrick Lamar and thrash metaller Thundercat rubbing shoulders with Jazz behemoth Herbie Hancock, psyche-singer Niki Randa and Dirty Projectors' Angel Deradoorian. Also making an appearance is Captain Murphy, FlyLo's rapping alter-ego. All signs point to another wholly unprecedented bit of art from L.A number one beat-scientist.

Check out the album trailer:

You're Dead! is released on 6th October 2014 on Warp Records.  Formats include CD, Double Gatefold Vinyl, Digital and a Special Edition 4 x 180g Vinyl box set, which includes 'You're Dead! Instrumentals'