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120 People in Conga Line Pull Off Most Epic Dine-and-Dash Ever

Pretending to go to the restroom when the bill arrives and then sneaking out the back exit is so passé. This is technically a "dine, dance, and dash."

It takes a special kind of dickishness to dine and dash; to sit there scarfing your a meal, knowing that you're not going to pay for a single bite of it.

But what if you somehow manage to get more than 100 of your friends and family members to skip out at the same time? Well, you're still dicks, but at least you're well-coordinated.

That's exactly what happened at the restaurant attached to the Hotel Carmen in Bembibre, Spain last Monday, when an estimated 120 people ran out the door without paying their €2,000 (US $2,110) bill.


According to hotel and restaurant owner Antonio Rodriguez, the group had reserved the space for a party to celebrate the baptism of two young children. And celebrate they did, inhaling appetizers and a meaty main course, while washing it all down with more than 30 bottles of booze, as any lit-ass baptism should.

Rodriguez told Leonotices that he believes the group had planned their escape in advance, agreeing to go when the waitstaff went to grab dessert from the kitchen. "The dinner was normal until it was time to serve the dessert," he said. "They marched in stampede, like they had agreed." The entire incident took less than a minute, Rodriguez said (and honestly, that's kind of impressive).

The group had reserved the restaurant by paying a €900 ($950) deposit, so maybe the hotel will be able to track them down, right? Ha. "We have difficulties because [the person who made the reservation] either left some personal information wrong or the hotel did not write the information properly," police lieutenant Ángel Blanco told El Pais.

The investigation becomes even trickier, as the group of thieves is believed to be eastern European, not Spanish. Blanco still hopes that the hotel can track them down by tracing some of their license plates. Unbelievably, this same hundred-plus person group is thought have pulled this trick earlier in the month, running out on their bill after a wedding celebration at another hotel in a nearby town. "Just after eating their desserts when I was on my way to make coffee, they all upped and left," one worker was quoted as saying, according to The Local.

Rodriguez isn't optimistic that he's going to get any of his money back – nor will he recover the time he's spent talking to the press and to the police. He did add that "there was no destruction of the furniture" by the guests.

At least there's that.