Vancouver Construction Company Suing Trump Tower Over Unpaid Bills

Vancouver Construction Company Suing Trump Tower Over Unpaid Bills

Companies seemingly can’t stop suing the developers behind the newly opened Trump Tower.
Mack Lamoureux
Toronto, CA
March 19, 2017, 7:06pm

Donald Trump's streak of allegedly stiffing people on payment has apparently has made its way north, at least according to one construction company.

Last week, Urban One Construction Management, Inc., a construction company in Vancouver, filed a suit against Trump Tower developer Holborn Developments for allegedly failing to pay their company around $700,00 for work done on the tower.

According to Urban One owner Alan Beron, this is the first time Urban One has ever had to sue any company.


""Unfortunately, in this exceptional circumstance, litigation is our only option," Beron told Vancouver Business. "Prior to filing of this lawsuit, Urban One worked hard to negotiate a settlement with Holborn Developments (West Georgia) Ltd., the developer of Trump International Hotel & Tower Vancouver. Unfortunately, the negotiations were unsuccessful."

The suit comes after Holborn Developments filed one against Urban One for, essentially, alleging shoddy work and a failure to meet contract agreements on the construction of the tower. Urban One states that the work Holburn is alluding too is a result of the company's lack of payment. None of these claims have been proven in court

Urban One is now the fourth company to sue to the tower—it has joined the ranks of Erwin Construction Corp, West Georgia Holdings, Nova Stone, Inc., and Catcan Holdings, Inc. who have all filed lawsuits recently against the developers.

Trump's spawn, Eric and Don Jr., were on scene in February for the launch of the tower and were met with protests. On the day of the launch, the tower erroneously tweeted it was the first tower built in Vancouver in six years (it wasn't) and stated the tower had 69 stories (it doesn't).

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