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Bossa Nova Civic Club is Putting Out a Compilation

Hear a track from it by Aurora Halal—before Bushwick and the rest of the world actually melts.
February 5, 2014, 11:03pm

Bossa Nova Civic Club
has been drawing throngs of Brooklyn club kids to its sweaty back room for eclectic, body-focused dance nights for a minute now. After a year of non-stop dance parties and a fair amount of media buzz, the next logical step is to start pressing the club's dancefloor favorites to wax—strengthening Bushwick's techno and house scene in the process.

BNCC owner John Barclay has teamed up with Sisterjam promoters Chris Goldstein and Julian C. Duron to highlight an eclectic selection of producers for the first in a series of compilations entitled Bushwick Is Melting. Barclay spoke on the collaboration, saying, "We wanted to put a spotlight on the Bushwick dance scene and show anyone who cares to listen that what is happening here and now is sonically and culturally relevant."

The release, which is due out February 13 on 12" vinyl and digital, will feature unreleased material by Brooklyn-based producers Aurora Halal (Mutual Dreaming), Jacques Renault + Mark Verbos (Let's Play House / Simple Answer), Marcos Cabral (L.I.E.S. / On the Prowl), and DUST (Mannequin / Low Life Inc).

Barclay's curation process will focus on strengthening local ties: "We chose these artists because they have all been a part of the BNCC family since opening night. They DJ'd and performed here before all the civilians read about it in The New York Times, before we could afford more than cab fare, and thus had a very instrumental role in shaping the sound and vibe of the club."

Halal's track, which THUMP is stoked to premiere here, kicks off the compilation and mines that sweet spot between haze and punch. "Hazy G" puts thick chords over a proto-house beat, while noise sweeps and acid bass ostinatos punctuate the track's movements. Halal, who has been throwing her own parties under the Mutual Dreaming moniker, told me that another version of the track will soon see the light of day on her debut full-length release later this spring. Pre-order the first edition of Bushwick Is Melting here now.