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The Editors' New Groove Vol. XIII

The Editors' New Groove is a weekly pow-wow on the freshest new releases from THUMP's editors and regular contributors' radars.
February 1, 2014, 1:00am

The Editors' New Groove is a weekly pow-wow on the freshest new releases from THUMP's editors and regular contributors' radars.

Ludacris feat. Wiz Khalifa, Jeremih & Cashmere Cat, "Party Girls" (Def Jam)
Last night, I had the distinct pleasure of seeing De La Soul, The Roots, Run DMC, Naughty By Nature and Busta Rhymes on the same stage. Busta somehow lost his monstrous diamond ring during the performance, and I am certain that he is not from this planet. Anyways, this collabo features a buttery smooth ode to nudity (and Aqua) from Jeremih and an equally delicious production from Cashmere Cat. (David Garber)


Justin Jay, "Le Voyou" (Dirtybird)
I'm not sure what is dirtier, the fact that I saw a kid drop his bare retainer on the ground in the subway station last night or this preview from Justin Jay's new track on the forthcoming dirty bird BBQ compilation. I'll let you decide. (David Garber)

Spooky, "Coolie Joyride" (Oil Gang)
This definitely one of those "If you don't know, get to know" situations. I put on "Electric Fence" during my MMA training and just imagine I'm kicking Drake in his big goofy duck face. (Vivian Host)

Various, Pop Ambient 2014 (Kompakt)
The amount of time I spend high on coffee watching gabber videos is unhealthy. Gonna pop on this latest installment in Kompakt's Pop Ambient series and send out 30% more blessed emails. Namaste. (Vivian Host)

Pixelord, "Pixelord 2014" (Unreleased)
I don't know why this is genre-tagged as #internetghetto or what it's like to DJ futuristic bass music to a basement crowd in Moscow, but hey—these new jawns from Russian dude Pixelord are my fave! So let's not ask questions and just enjoy the post-genrefied tumblrstep. (Max Pearl)

Strip Steve, Crowd Control EP (BNR)
With all of the glossy, over-produced happy house that seems to be saturating my Soundcloud stream it's not surprising to hear the contrarians firing up their half-broken vintage drum machines to jack on a lo-fi tip. Here's to a little dust in your circuits; a little crunch in your kick drum. (Max Pearl)


Nova Casa, "The Liquid Funk"
I found Nova Casa because I forgot to stop the track I was listening to on Soundcloud, and it continued to surf the superhighway for me. He's been putting up quite a bit of free downloads, which are often better than some of his official releases. Tip! (Joel Fowler)

Scott Grooves, "Riddim"
Scott Grooves is often overshadowed by the massive amount of talent in Detroit, but he continues to churn out incredible singles. (Joel Fowler)

Denaji, "Dharma Dharma" (Firecracker/Unthank)
While Vivian is busy mobbing to a fat grime banger and taking out her aggression on Drizzy, I'll be burning an L to this Denaji track. (Elissa Stolman)

Ralph Lawson & Chez Damier "The Moment" (Lost In Time)
When I'm browsing for dope new releases, it usually bores the crap out of me to hear a straightforward house track, because it just doesn't stand out from the deluge of new records. "The Moment" is an exception to the rule, probably because one of its producers helped to create the formula for boilerplate house tunes. (Elissa Stolman)

DJ N.K., "Noites do Mussulo" (Generation Bass)
Kuduro madness from DJ N.K. out of Lisbon via Generation Bass, complete with honking horns, twacking drums, and super poly-rhythms. I picture one of those epic traffic jams in China (now, apparently, also occurring in Atlanta) with a bunch of grumpy-ass people sitting in their cars when some dude on a pedal-bike sound system comes by and blasting this. And then everyone just starts dancing on the roofs of their cars and it all turns into a party for one brief shining moment. (Matt Earp)

Shatter Hands, "Backside Disaster" (Gergaz Netlabels)
You know those super crunchy synth-y hip-hop tracks that come on at a party and make you go "OMG, I've totally got to make my hands and arms and legs go all stiff and walk around doing the robot because this music COMPELS me to do so?" And then everyone else starts doing it too? And then the 1/2 time breakdown comes on and you all throw your robot arms up to the sky like you're doing the chorus from "Hip Hop Hooray," but you're doing it like you're all robots? And it's all freakin' awesome? OK, maybe you haven't been to that party. But picture it. And then go to it. And make sure they play this track at it. (Matt Earp)

Beyonce, "Drunk in Love (TigerBeat & Terror Dactel Remix)"
Yeah, it's another Beyonce remix. Suck it, I'm part of the Beyhive. At least I'm not getting creepy about it. (Michelle Ong)

Samuel Truth feat. Gibby Harris, "Spotlight" (Darker Than Wax)
Singapore's dance music scene has been a swamp full of champagne-splattered EDM and mindless bangerz for so long that when I was introduced to Darker Than Wax--the Singaporean indie label where this silky R&Bass cut comes from—I actually got a little warm feeling in my belly. Then again, maybe it's just heartburn. (Michelle Ong)