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Commodo ft. JME's 'Shift' is Full of Advice for Aspiring Rudebois

Grimey tings from Deep Medi Musik. 'Nuff said.

Deep Medi's Commodo has long been known for adding a thoughtful touch to the deeper ends of UK bass music – That's to be expected of any artist dubstep don Mala puts his name behind. This time round, Commodo's hooked up with veteran MC JME and traversed into grime territory with "Shift."

The tune itself is a shift of sorts, finding Commodo stepping away from the dubstep sounds that made him and trying out its sonic brethren, grime. "There has been a big resurgence in grime music being made these past couple of years, some of it emulating classic sounds and appealing to nostalgia, some of it updating the style and bringing it to new places," Commodo tells THUMP. "Being a die-hard FL Studio user ever since I started producing, Grime beats were inevitably the first thing I made - and now felt like an appropriate time to reach out and try a vocal track…I didn't really have any interest in referencing the production styles of the early 2000's, I felt much more comfortable doing something that fits with where I'm at right now."

The tune is characterized by some pummeling low end amidst the laid-back vibes and JME's playful witticisms that reference everyone from Skepta to Big Bird. Commodo explains, "JME felt perfect for what I wanted, he's one of the few guys who's managed to remain relevant throughout his 10+ year career and his tongue-in-cheek metaphors always stood out to me in a genre that sometimes took itself too seriously."

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